Dr. Robert Rushing, DC, LMP

Doctor of Chiropractic & Licenced Massage Therapist, Washington USA

Robert Rushing, DC, LMP


Foreword from Robert Rushing, DC, LMP

Thank you for your interest in my complementary health services. This website provides information about those services, as well as biographical information, and practical information such as directions to my offices.

Treating patients with a wide range of acute and chronic conditions has convinced me that a variety of techniques are useful in order to achieve quick and lasting relief. I primarily utilize a gentle, specific, and very effective technique of spinal manipulation called DNFT (Directional Non-Force Technique). Muscle dysfunction is involved in most conditions, and may be helped by massage and other manual therapies. “Muscle energy techniques” are frequently useful for balancing torsional forces created by tight or stretched muscles. Stretching and strengthening protocols, and other methods of rehabilitation are important to accelerate healing. Nutritional support is often a critical factor in moving the body through acute inflammatory processes, or resolving chronic pain.

I use all of my knowledge and experience to provide each patient with an honest and accurate assessment of his or her condition, and with treatment options to consider. Returning the patient to optimum health in the quickest and most efficient way is my goal.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Robert Rushing, DC, LMP