Dr. Robert Rushing, DC, LMP

Doctor of Chiropractic & Licenced Massage Therapist, Washington USA

Robert Rushing, DC, LMP


Robert K. Rushing, DC, LMP

Robert K. Rushing, DC, LMPDr. Rushing has over a decade of experience helping people with acute and chronic pain. In addition, he provides nutritional support, stress management, and guidance toward overall wellness. He emphasizes a holistic approach to treatment, preferring to focus on the many factors which contribute to the health of the individual, rather than limiting therapy to a particular condition.

The method of treatment is to uncover underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, and to develop an efficient treatment plan in partnership with the patient. The goal is to improve function and gain optimum health.

Dr. Rushing’s interest in bodywork began because of chronic low back pain resulting from a fractured vertebra sustained as a child. After failing to achieve results with conventional medicine , he found relief from chiropractic care and massage. As a patient, he benefited from many different chiropractic techniques, but achieved the best results with DNFT (directional non-force technique). He has found this technique, which involves no twisting or “popping” sounds, effective as a practitioner as well. (For more information about DNFT, go to www.nonforce.com.)

He began practicing as a licensed massage therapist in 1990 in health club and spa settings in Hawaii. His focus quickly changed to medically oriented massage, working in concert with physicians and chiropractors. Continuing education during this time included cranio-sacral therapy, Hawaiian lomi-lomi, shiatsu, and deep tissue work.

In 1998 Dr. Rushing graduated summa cum laude from Life College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, GA. He practiced in Atlanta at the Center For Non-Force Chiropractic until relocating with his family to the northwest in June of 2001.

In addition to massage and chiropractic, Dr. Rushing is experienced in movement therapy, utilizing techniques of analysis and treatment learned from Feldenkrais and Pilates practitioners at the Atlanta clinic. He has found these approaches key to long term resolution of muscle function disorders.

Nutrition is a major feature of Dr. Rushing’s practice. His training in this area includes seminars with Jeffrey Bland of The Institute of Functional Medicine, and a one- year course in nutritional biochemistry and lab testing at Meta-Metrix Research Laboratory. He consults on a wide range of conditions from weight loss to cardio-vascular disease, and provides individual assessments based on lab testing.

As well as continually striving to further his own learning, Dr. Rushing finds teaching others rewarding, and is presently an instructor of Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology at the Port Townsend School Of Massage. He also teaches continuing education courses to professionals.

As a teacher and educator, Dr. Rushing believes that patient education is critical to a successful outcome. Therefore he keeps patients well informed about their condition, and quickly moves them into an active role in their treatment.